RoverWing Arduino Library


RoverWing (without the Feather), top view.

RoverWing is an extension board (or “wing”, following Adafruit’s terminology) for Adafruit’s Feather boards. This extension board provides motor drivers, Inertial Motion Unit (IMU), and connection ports for servos, sonars, GPS, and other peripherals commonly used by small mobile robots. It also contains a microcontroller preloaded with firmware to control these peripherals, which communicates with the Feather board using I2C protocol, thus freeing resources of the Feather board for other purposes.

To find more information about RoverWing, please visit RoverWing User Guide.

To use RoverWing, you need to install the RoverWing Arduino library, which can be downloaded from This library is intended for use with Arduino IDE (version 1.6.2 or later). This user guide describes the features of the library.